Evgeniia Krasner was born in 1936 in Shpykiv. She attended a Ukrainian school before the war and spoke Yiddish only among her family. Her father worked as an accountant in a sugar factory. During the war, she was imprisoned in the Pechera camp. After the war she was trained at the Cultural Institute of Kiev, from which she graduated as a librarian.

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Zhenya’s Gefilte Fish

Shpykiv, Ukraine


1. Clean the fish 2. Slice open the belly, and take out the intestines 3. Slide your hand under the skin and take out the meat 4. Leave the bones, the tail, and the head intact 5. Saute onions and mix with the fillet 6. Mix in with carrots, eggs, and a little beet (optional) 7. Add pepper and matzah meal (no substitutions!) 8. Put the mixture on the bottom of a large heavy-bottom pan and cook. Ingredients:

1 whole fish Onions – chopped Carrots Eggs Beet (optional) Matzah meal Pepper Vegetable oil