Sofia Palatnikova is the sister of Tatiana Marinina. She was born in 1927 in Teplyk. Her father was a butcher. In the 1930s, she moved to the Lunacharskii collective farm in Crimea. She went to a Ukrainian school for six years, but her schooling was interrupted by the war. She survived the war in Teplyk and Bershad, and in camps in Bratlsav, Haysyn, and Raygorod. After the war, she worked in an industrial complex for twenty-two years.

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"as soon as they attacked, they were already here"
Taking Out the Flour

Sonye’s Gefilte Fish

Teplyk, Ukraine


1. Fillet the fish and save the skin 2. Grind the fillet through a meat-mincer, or chop with a chopping knife 3. Mix in raw and fried onions 4. Mix in pepper, salt, and eggs 5. Add matzah meal or dry biscuit crumbs 6. Stuff the mixture back into the skin 7. Place stuffed fish on a pan, and fry briefly with carrots, raw and fried onions, bay leaf, pepper, and salt 8. Cook on a low flame for two hours 9. Arrange on a platter with the head, the stuffed middle, and the tail.


1 whole fish Onions – grated Onions – fried Pepper Bay leaf Salt Eggs Matzah meal or Dry biscuit crumbs Carrots Vegetable oil.