Perl Nayman 's father was a Cohen and worked as a blacksmith. She grew up with five brothers and one sister. She and her mother helped non-Jews work the fields with their horse during her childhood years. Her family owned a plot of land and animals. She listened in classes at a cheder in Turya-Bystra. She was deported to Auschwitz in April 1944. Afterward, she was forced to work at a metal factory and then to build trenches in Germany, before her liberation by the Red Army troops in May 1945. After the war, she lived in Studenyy for thirty years, before moving to Vynohradiv in 1978.

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“Let her pray”

Vynohradiv, Ukraine

Perl Nayman describes in this clip how she snuck into the boys' cheder without paying. After the melamed (religious teacher) saw how serious of a student she was, he allowed her to sit in and pray together with the boys.