Grigorii Shor was born in Kopayhorod in 1925. His father was a butcher. He studied for seven years at a Yiddish school and finished his education in a Ukrainian school. He lived in Kopayhorod until he was drafted into the military in 1944. Her remained in the military until 1971.

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Wooden Synagogue

Matzo Baking in the Shtetl

Vinnytsya, Ukraine

In this clip, Grigorii Shor recalls how even after the government confiscated matzo-baking machines in the late 1930s, matzo was still available in Kopayhorod. He explains that it was still possible to obtain matzo from neighboring towns, or several families in Kopayhorod would gather together to bake matzos in their homes. Ironically, the baking of matzo then became a communal experience and its importance was heightened. The rolling pin to poke holes in matzo dough is particularly engraved in his memory.