Raisa Turovskaia was educated at a Yiddish school for four years and later graduated from a Ukrainian school. During the war, she evacuated to a kolkhoz in the Shekhmanskii region. She and her family evacuated further to Siberia. She moved to Ovruch in 1944 and worked as History teacher later on.

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Childhood Memories

Seeking Help From the Valedniker Rebbe


Raisa Turovskaia recalls in this clip one of her father's stories regarding the wisdom of the Valedniker Rebbe. A married couple sought his help after they lost their baby in the woods.

A rebbe, also called a tsadik, is the leader of a Hasidic community. Turovskaia refers to the Voledniker rebbe as a "tsadik," a righteous person. Tsadikim (plural) were sought out by the community to give advice in spiritual, personal, and business matters. Moreover, rebbes were sometimes said to foresee the future or to be able to see events taking place far away. They often had great insights into the life of other people.

Rabbi Yisroel Dov Ber (1789-1850) – son of Rabbi Yosef of Valednik, author of the book Shearis Yisroel, prominant tsadik and miracle worker, primary disciple of Rabbi Mottel of Chernobyl (source).